DS106 GIF #2 – GIF Your Day

My first GIF of the day was taken at work. I work at the Marine Science Center and today I was doing water quality on out touch tank and one of the lobster tanks. In this particular GIF I am adding the drops for nitrite testing. Don’t worry, the nitrites were at the normal level!

My second GIF today was taken at the dining hall while it was snowing! I didn’t expect it to snow today so it was a nice surprise.

My third GIF for today was taken at Windward Cafe where I was supposed to do homework… but instead I mostly just watched TV and talked to my friends. But I did get one small assignment done so here was me opening my laptop to start.

My fourth and final GIF of the day was taken while playing pool with my friends at the commons. Unfortunately I lost when I scratched on the eight ball (so close!), but it was still a lot of fun.