DS106 Meme #1 – Troll Quotes

In order to create my troll meme, I was inspired by an inside joke with my friends. One time, I thought my friend had a concussion so I asked her what year it was, where she was, and who the president is. She got the first two questions right, and then very confidently said “George Biden!” So, I used Procreate to add a quote from Barack Obama on top of an image of Joe Biden, signed by George Washington. It took me awhile to decide on this concept, but I made another troll meme that I just don’t like as much as this one. Although I know I could make the text look much better, I decided to go with one that fit the theme (at least in my head) of trolling. This might not be the peak of graphic design but I think it adds to the effect.

16 Inspiring Quotes By Barack Obama That'll Make You Believe You Can

This is the picture that originally inspired the quote I used. I like to think that my meme is a similar vibe to this picture. I have noticed that this style of picture and quote is very popular, and it is kind of funny to me. I am a little worried this is a troll meme itself, but I’m going with it.


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