DS106 Image #1 – Places of Peace

When I think of peace, I think of my dogs, the beach, and tattoos. Not only do my dogs bring me peace just by being near me, but whenever I see them enjoying life, it brings me so much joy. The picture in the middle is of my dog Alfie basking in the sunlight, and he looks so peaceful. I see him and wish I could find peace like that. I can when I take my other dog Jewel on hikes, or when I am surrounded by books, when I’m near the ocean, or when I get a new tattoo. The beach is so calming to me, I love the sounds and being able to imagine all the things going on around me. If I ever need to clear my head for a bit, the beach will usually do the trick. Although it is a painful experience, tattoos are peaceful to me. One of my tattoos, pictured here, is “Ataraxia” which actually translates to inner peace. Tattoos, to me, are a way to express just how much you love someone or something. I have a tattoo of my dog Jewel’s paw, a matching tattoo with my mom, and tattoos for my favorite books and songs. Being able to immortalize love like that brings me peace.

In order to create this collage, I again used procreate. Although I like how it turned out, it could be improved with some color and better photo editing skills.


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